A Time of Waiting

A Time of Waiting

It has seemed as of late that there is this “pregnant-with-possibilities” blanket draped over our social consciousness. And who knows the outcome?

What is important is what do we do while we wait.

Waiting can rattle us if we let it. It can also strengthen and anchor us into the will of the Divine.

We may handle moments of waiting in different ways. Some of us feel exasperated while others are more accepting. Some of us stiffen and others relax. How do you handle the uncertainty in moments or what I call seasons of pause?

Perhaps we can soak in the moments of not knowing and rely on a loving God to soothe our fragile human condition.

A solid measure of faith and reliance on a Power greater than ourselves can soften this experience.

I remember my mentor using the acronym for the word pause as Please Assist Until Serenity Enters.

She would ask me what need did I have to fret or as the saying goes, “Why worry”?

Come to think of it, she often said, “If you pray, why worry? If you worry, why pray?”

She would assure me that before any significant turn on the wheel of life, it is helpful to pause. And to do so in a relaxed state; a surrendered state. One that allows for grace to prevail.

Are we not ultimately guided to our highest good? Do we not learn valuable lessons and grow through our times of uncertainty and turmoil?

Despite all my efforts, it seems like each new occasion when I am required to pause I must meet the internal struggle anew and release efforts to control the outcome.

Pausing is valuable. How we navigate it matters. Let us sink into our inactivity with confidence and relax into the unknown future with hopeful anticipation.

Be on the lookout for something wonderful to appear. This helps us enjoy the process and the outcome with equal measures of ease.

And of course, I encourage you to help your children handle their period of waiting by offering positive projections for a delightful resolution. Applaud their efforts. Envision something lovely.

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February 19, 2021


March 6, 2021