Our Collective Tipping Point

Our Collective Tipping Point

The changes in the growth of humanity seem to have reached a collective tipping point. A point where there is no turning back.

Some people tell me it feels like walking over a bridge and watching it collapse when you step foot on the other side. Others say it feels like we are emerging from a tunnel into an unfamiliar environment.

Both of these scenarios hold an element of anxiety. Yet, despite the fear factor, there are grand opportunities to explore the unknown. We might do well to remember to stay calm, trust God, and know that everything is in order. For in doing this, we advance our own evolution and that of humanity as a whole. There are issues we must address so we can grow.

The inequality long embedded in our social systems. The exclusivity of gender bias. The income disparity between the rich and the poor. The tragic environmental damage and its consequences. The stigma of mental illness. The struggles of those with substance abuse issues.

We cannot sweep these unhealed places in our collective psyche under the rug. We cannot deny the truth or pretend things are better than they really are. We cannot turn back. We must tip forward.

These critical junctures in our development as an individual and as a society can lead to something wonderful. We can set our intention to do better and be better as we navigate these changes and mature.

Don’t think children are immune from this experience. They, too, are feeling the transformational changes that are taking place. Changes in our inner being and changes visible in the outer realm.

If we are placating their fears of the future, they are well aware. We cannot fool children. If you struggle to embrace the upcoming changes, they will take their clues from you.

Really think about your position and the message this sends to children.

You can help them trust in a good outcome. But only if you believe it is true.


October 10, 2020


October 23, 2020