Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing

It is so important to help children develop a sense of inner knowing. 

You can start helping them by working on your own intuition and sense of inner knowing. This process begins by developing a feeling’s vocabulary. If you are limited in this capacity, your children will struggle with this too. Your ability to identify and express your feelings is critical to helping your children explore their interior life.

Feelings charts put expressions to their feelings. There are many good examples if you search free feelings chart with faces. 

Make it a point to ask your children, “How did that feel to you?” This lets children know that there are different responses to the same thing. One is not more valid than another.

When faced with a dilemma, ask them what seemed right to them and emphasize the words, at the time. Ask what seemed right at the time. (Surely over time what seems right to our children changes as it does with us.) None of us remain fixed in our reactions. 

Dig a little deeper. Perhaps you can inquire, “Did you believe you made a good choice or did you have a sense that perhaps it wasn’t a good idea?”

After that conversation, shift their perspective, “What do you think is best for you right now?”

Sometimes exploring an issue from another perspective helps. “What would you tell someone in your situation?”

These are all questions that lead children to expand their inner knowing.

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