Let Children Know

Let Children Know

I think babies know how we are feeling. They sense if we are thrilled or excited, scared or anxious.

I was a mother who had several years of infertility. To say I was overjoyed when I gave birth to my child would minimize the experience. In the delivery room, there was a sign that read “JOY” and I think for the first time in my life, I knew the meaning. It was palpable.

From the very start, I spoke to her as if she understood. We didn’t really do much ‘baby talk’. I’d whisper affirmations in her ear. “I am so glad you’re here,” was tops on the list. It seemed as though she realized it was true.

No matter what the age, children need to know how special they are to you. You can show it in a thousand ways, but words are quite powerful.

Tell them about the time before they were born. The anticipation of their impending arrival. The excitement. Tell them about your ongoing joy that they are a part of your life.

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