Smoother Mornings

Smoother Mornings

I  know you would prefer nothing more than an extra 10 or 15 minutes to sleep, but I’d like to suggest the opposite.

I admit it’s my favorite time of the day. So this is not a stretch for me. But those of you who prefer your night time, please give it a try.

If you wake before others (especially with children) you will notice some relief almost immediately. It feels empowering.

With a few delicious moments to yourself, just what might you do?

  • You might commit to meditation practice.
  • You might have a few moments to write in a journal.
  • You might clarify your intentions of the day.
  • You might write 3 things you are grateful for.

When you have a few extra minutes, you can handle your morning a little better.

Instead of losing your peace of mind, you know you have a little time for the hiccups along the way.

When Nathan resists dressing…

there’s time for that.

When Ava can’t find her shoes…

there’s time for that.

When Ella spills her milk…

there’s time for that

Glitches are inevitable.

How you set yourself up to handle your morning sets the tone for the day.

Everyone benefits when the stress level is a little more manageable.


August 23, 2019

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